Wednesday, April 27, 2011


I had ideally wanted to put a byline on that Title -- such as #BongRage - 'The Fire Within' or #BongRage - 'Real Anger Has NO Management', but didn't really feel right.

Anyway, enjoy the comic guys! My Phroots of Creatibhity - A brief chronicle of my sweet tooth Anna Hazare'd for Mishti Doi and what happens next.   


P.S.: More to Come Soon!


  1. A ragecomic on your blog? Reddit will hear about this!!!!

  2. was a good one :P
    After a looong while u have started ur mad drawings. I still remember ur headless thief one :P

  3. @Anirban - FYI, I own Reddit. And all the outrage there against Rages = My own ploy to get my RageComic to win. FIN.
    @Bhai - LOL.. The headless cartoon has to be scanned and uploaded someday. Btw, if you like this BongRage, check out this - My comic has been published here too! ;-)