Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Chivalry Is Dead. And They Are Loving It!

This is no news to most folks. But it was news to me, especially as I came to know of the dear friend’s death only a couple of days back.

Now what transpired was this.

I was scraping money off the bottom of the ATM from my Bank account with my card. Now the thing is, I fall in the almost-homeless category of ATM debit card holders, and hence I do not feel the need to check, re-check and recheck the check of the account balance while in an ATM.

I go, type in the amount, take the money and scoot.

And that is probably why I am often looked down upon scores of ATM-goers who have a serious day job of standing in queue in front of an ATM, and checking, re-checking and re-Rambo-checking the balance in their accounts, withdrawal or no withdrawal.

So when I was getting out after my swift poke-in-the eye of the ATM, I found that a lady, with two mammoth-sized bags by her side, was trying to push the door and find a way in.  

So I stopped, flung open the door and with a smile and a slight nod of the head pre-accepted her appreciation of the act.

Lady glared back in such a manner, my left part of the brain almost assumed that the right part had tricked it and made me utter something as heinous as asking her to sleep with me.

And that too with the money I had just cashed out at the ATM.

I mean, what gives man?
Here I am trying to act chivalrous by the book – and the beneficiary just gives me a cold stare and possible “silent gali-galauj”. Is it because she has had many a leering ass trying to be chivalrous and courteous just to be hideous later? Or have only almost-homeless hideous guys been chivalrous to her, which made her label me as the same?

Whatever. But from my perspective, I won’t stop offering my seat to an old lady in a crowded bus just because the last woman I offered my seat to turned out to be a man. A weird man at that.

So I will hope that you women would start doing the same too. Though I don’t think it will help revive my old friend back to life. Chivalry, for all I know, is dead.

As they say, “The age of chivalry is past. Bores have succeeded to Dragons.”



  1. Are you sure you weren't looking boisterous when you offered your chivalrous help to the lady in question? Did you forget to zip up? Or were you looking anything remotely similar to http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_FVu5XcjAEz8/SstRSWQLtDI/AAAAAAAACvo/BfYR2mcG7JI/s400/rituparno-ghosh-lady.jpg

    If your answer is no for all the above questions, I must say that lady was very rude.

  2. Chivalry is the attribute of a man towards anothers wife.

  3. Good it's still breathing in the western countries, though it may not be coming from heart, but does reaches beneficiary's brains.

  4. @Souvik - LORL! My answer is NO for all the above. :P
    @Anonymous-who-is-probably-bald - Spot on!
    @Souvnik - Hmmm. Lucky you.