Monday, January 17, 2011

Vhelkaam to My Blog!

Tadaa! That’s it!

Finally, I have a brand new Blog handle to post from. Something that is probably only as good as a spoof of a bad movie. But in more of the “Airplane” fashion, rather than the “Meet the Spartans” type.  

Anyway, it is not that this is my first leap into the Blogosphere. Being a copywriter, I have been writing on Blogs for clients, corporate firms as well as other guys.

Now the fundamental problem with letting your ingenious ideas fornicate on other peoples’ Blogs is the same as doing defense research for the French. You may have the best resources, the best talent & the best results ever – but at the end of the day you need to sell them off to the richer/retarded guys to make a living. 

But those days of whoring out for money is over. Oh ok, it is not. I am still doing it. However, now I can also whore myself out for fun! This. Is. Freedom.

I promise these posts will get better with time. Or, at least longer. Keep a tab on this for more. Especially if you are as jobless as I am.

As Confucius says: “Man who want pretty nurse, got to be patient.”  Yeah, I made that up.

P.S.: I owe two guys who urged me into Blogging. One is Typo (my brother, whose name I dare not spell). And the other is Fat Man, whose sense of humor is quite his namesake. And if this Blog gets too unbearable for you, I will be ready with their addresses as well!


  1. DJ Di Phool...good job!!! mindblowin in fact!! Your attemp towards the 'Pretty Nurse' is bANG!! on So keep Whoring....damn...ummm...Bloggin ;) !!!

  2. Way to go it is I have always liked your writings so we hope to get more such wonderful reads in future!!!! All the best to you.

  3. @Richa + @Harish - \m/ supaandilike.
    @Missuj Sarkar - :-) thanks a ton. I hope the blog will make you laugh at least once in an hour of reading. :-P